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Monday, April 16, 2012

Trend Alert : Animal Print

This is one trend I can literally die for ... It is so seeeexy especially the leopard/ cheetah print which is also the most popular ...*sigh
Come here and take a look at how your celebrities has been rocking them

Kim Kardashian
She's even rocking the animal print swimsuit

Vanessa Hudgens
What a way to pair a leopard print leggings - a white Tee and a sweater and LOL , I see your heels ;) .. You go girl

Kim Kardashian
Ahahaha ! Yes baby , she got it ... The animal print clutch made the outfit stand out mehn

Nicki Minaj
The worst waay to wear animal print .. WRONG , WRONG and WRONG !!

You just have to trust her with the best style ever .... See the way she just paired her animal printed scarf with what she was wearing #Winning

Keri Hilson
This is waaay too sexy ... I am so dead for that top

Rachel Bilson
This pairing is delicious .. Yes , delicious .. For her to pair floral and animal prints ... Totally a fashion risk and she did it well

*sigh , she's always fashion forward ... No , do I even have to say anything about this ? Too maaad ..!!

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